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We create math success!!


The best learning happens when you have an engaging mentor, 

tutor and teacher. The owner of Mathocity is a Math/Statistics Professor that is motivating and FUN!! 

 Her mission, and the mission of Mathocity, is to motivate 

students, reduce math stress and improve success...

from kindergarten through college. 

We offer...


Pre-Algebra & Algebra I Camps

ACT Math Prep

One-on-One Math Tutoring

Group Math Tutoring

Algebra I/II & College Algebra Exam Reviews

Mathocity will prepare you for YOUR next level!!

Summer Camps: Pre-Algebra & Algebra I !!

Summer Camps 2019 (pdf)


ACT Math Prep & One-on-One Tutoring


ACT Math Prep

Getting excited about college?   

Let Mathocity help you ACE the math section of the ACT!  

Contact us for one-on-one, personalized ACT Math Prep...or snag some friends and let's prep as a group (at a reduced rate)!! 

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One-on-One Math Tutoring

 Need a math tutor?  

From elementary math to college algebra...

we can help!!  Contact us today to 

find out more & schedule an appointment!!

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Exam Reviews & Group Tutoring

Need an Algebra Exam Review??


Do you have an upcoming Algebra I, Algebra II or 

College Algebra Exam...and you need a review 

of the material before the exam?

Let Mathocity hook you up!!!

What we need....

One student makes the request and provides info 

about the upcoming exam.  Then, we set a date/time, 

share the info, and students text to reserve-a-seat!  


  The cost is $30 per student (2 hours of review).  

We will send you an invoice with payment instructions.  

The minimum number of students is 5. 

If the minimum is not met within 48 hours of the review, 

the exam review will be cancelled & a refund will be provided.

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Group Math Tutoring


Do you need help with math...

and your friends need help too??

Group tutoring rates depend on the number of students.  

The hourly rate for group tutoring will always be

less than the rate for one-on-one tutoring.

Contact us to book a group tutoring session.  

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You have questions and we have answers! Go for it!

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